How DJ Suspence Got Started

One Day..... November 2013...  Tyrone Spencer decided that his love for music could no longer be contained inside his head and heart.  His LOVE for music was consuming him.  His NEED to hear music and play music became an obsession for him.  He began talking to several DJ friends about their life and times living and thriving on the 1's and 2's and to his SURPRISE.... They loved the artistry of what they did and also enjoyed providing the musical backdrop for which we ALL appreciate when we are out and about trying to have a GOOD time with friends, family, and people that we want to have in our friends and family circle ;-)....  And So.... It Begins!  An iPad and a pair of headphones.  A desire and a dream to take music and recreate it into the sounds the make us MOVE and feel something in our Soul!  A mixer-board for the iPad, a software App, a MacBook Pro, and a QuadFour Mixer-Board later... WE NOW HAVE..... DJ Suspence